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Lenovo ThinkSystem VMware license activation process

To receive VMware license and service you need to provide an email address in your domain to distri for receiving VMware activation codes (AC) directly from Lenovo.

For one order you will receive two ACs:

One for VMware product itself, called License.

Second is for Support  (SnS) for these products.

  Provided ACs need to be registered at Lenovo LKMS website. Instructions will be provided in corresponding email. After Customer register Activation code in LKMS it  automatically activates parts on VMware Portal.   The License doesn't need to be activated on the VMware website (No PAC code provided). This is confirmed by email:  “Your registration has completed the action required for the VMware License”.

The SnS needed to be activated on the VMware website (PAC code will be provided). You need to follow the instructions provided in email to activate SnS on