How to Launch MPC Panel on a Gx00 SVP


  • MPC is not available and System Option Mode needs to be changed


  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Gx00 (VSP Gx00), HM800


Note: These are not supported options.

Method 1

  1. Create an empty text file named MPC.INI in the C:\Mapp\wk\Supervisor directory.
  2. Reboot the SVP and Login back in as SVP.
  3. Once you have finished your MPC operations - delete the C:\Mapp\wk\Supervisor\MPC.INI  file and reboot the SVP to put it back into its normal mode.

Method 2

Launch zSv_Svp_main from C:\Mapp\wk\<serial number>\DKC200\mp\pc directory

Additional Notes

Please note that running the SVP in MPC mode is not supported and should not be used.