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Z22SE Engine Only Security Code Recovery

This guide was originally created by  "Dan Price"


Open OP-Com and select Automatic Vehicle Identification from the Diagnostics Menu Then click on Diagnose ECM


Click on Programming


Click on Reset ECU


This first stage is only to test that the connection is working properly and that the ECU is reporting the correct info.
We don’t have the security code yet so I have entered 1234 to show what happens if the code is incorrect.


OP-Com reports incorrect security code.

If the ECU has already been reset, it will accept any code and report that the ECU has been successfully reset.
Now we need to find the security code from the ECU bin.

If you already know how to use OP-Com and are confident that you have a good OBD port connection you can probably start here.


Connect your MPPS to the computer and to the car OBD port, Turn the car’s ignition on but don’t start the car.
Select the make and model from the list as shown above. Click on the “Ecu Id” button or press F1


You should now see your ECU information in the ECU data box and the Read and Write buttons will now be useable.
Click on “Read” button or press F2
The program will now read your ECU and ask you where to save it.

You should now have a 512k bin file that you can open in a hex editor


Open the ECU bin file in a hex editor, I used Hex Editor Neo


Your security code will either be stored at offset 0x40aa or 0x60aa
If you go to ofset 0x40aa and the hex code is all ff’s then go to ofset 0x60aa instead.


The security code is located in the hex code and as it needs to be a 4 digit number we use the 2 hex values ie “12” and “34”.
You will also notice if you look at the above image, the cars VIN number and ECU software version and Engine code are stored just above where the security code is located. This makes it a little easier to track down the correct location the the hex code.

This ECU bin has the hex values “98” and “17” stored and offsets 0x60aa and 0x60ab, so the security code for the car in 9817.

Its that easy!!!


Now we can reconnect OP-Com and reset the ECU with the correct code, or connect to the immobilizer to perform immobilizer programming functions.